We envision a campus where every student feels welcome, is engaged, and becomes an agent for social change.


Student Experiences & Engagement co-creates dynamic opportunities for students to explore meaningful involvement, strengthen their leadership skills and transform themselves and their community(ies).


Student Experiences & Engagement uses the values of the Division of Student Affairs to guide our work. Our divisional values include knowledge, humanity, integrity, responsibility, and community. 


We believe in the importance of lifelong learning and holding space for complexity, ambiguity, and emotional intelligence to imagine better futures for all our communities. To do this work, we believe that:

We seek to unpack the ways in which power, privilege, and oppression are in operation at the micro and macro levels. We believe that personal growth helps move people to action. By sharing the responsibility and taking accountability for individual and collective learning, we become the change we want to SEE.

Our work must prioritize self-care and community-care. With the increase of mental and emotional health issues, it is essential to create holistic practices and spaces for students and staff to thrive.

We believe that effective community building is a process. We lean into tension and initiate courageous conversations to build understanding, awareness, and growth. We operationalize love by being compassionate, trusting, empathetic, and brave.

There is strength in our unique assets professionally and personally, we co-create shared power in working together. We integrate regular feedback into our iteration process, using informed knowledge in our decision making processes. Innovation requires failing forward, we utilize creativity and ethical experimentation to solve complex problems.

Imagining Our Future: SEE in 2024

By the year 2024 Student Experiences & Engagement will contribute to the campus strategic plan 4.0 by providing meaningful experiential learning and campus involvement opportunities for all OSU students to succeed and thrive. Major highlights from 2024 will include:

Students experience their time interacting with SEE as transformative. As a result of their participation, they have made meaning about their experiences, and understand how their involvement directly supports their growth and employability. 

  • Students experience a sense of belonging and are empowered through their connections with SEE students and staff.  

  • Opportunities are well known and accessible, students know how and where to get involved. 

  • Students experience staff as being intentional, caring, and engaged mentors and supervisors.

We diligently work at developing relationships that allow for emergent and reciprocal partnerships.  

  • Every SEE environment is full of energy, enthusiasm, and student activity. From the Student Experience Center to the Cultural Resource Centers, each place is a hub for community building, learning, and restoration.  

  • The core values of empathy, trust, communication, and healing are centered in how we engage with each other, and our respective communities. Holistic wellness is embedded in our programs and processes.

SEE students gain tools to develop their own sense of meaning and purpose. They understand their privileges, cultural identities, impact of their actions, and agency for social change. 

  • SEE is well known for cultivating social change makers, making positive impacts on campus and beyond. 

  • Staff deepen their knowledge, skills, and awareness to challenge themselves and each other to be the best versions of themselves in all aspects of their work.

SEE areas provide outside-the-classroom laboratories for social innovation and creative problem-solving. There is synergy between the academic, cultural, and social experience. 

  • SEE students and staff are leaders of experiential learning and student engagement at OSU.  We  are well regarded for our ideas and innovations in high impact practices. 

  • SEE staff and students leverage skills and talents to iterate our offerings. We seek excellence by regularly incorporating feedback and pausing for reflection and learning.