This card deck is the result of the creative work of Story Circles participants (OSU students, faculty, and community members), and the Integrated Learning for Social Change (ILSC) student leadership teams (2015-2018). Feel free to utilize the resource as it inspires you. 


The Healing Cards originated out of stories about belonging and not belonging. After each story, participants were encouraged to sketch a drawing and write a word that reflected a value that supported their resilience or healing. The purpose of the deck is to encourage reflection, self-awareness, and dialogue. We hope the deck prompts you to think about what brings you hope or healing in challenging times.  

We believe you get the most out of this resource by printing the deck. Please use and share widely. We encourage you to create versions for your own communities.

Draw a Card

Click on the “Generate” button below and you will get a number. Don’t adjust the numbers in the field boxes. Then scroll down and retrieve your Healing Card using the number generated for you. 

Feedback and Testimonials

The original prototype of the Healing Cards was co-created in 2016. Since the first edition was released the cards have been adapted to include reflection questions on the back of the cards. The tool has been used for campus student staff trainings, and made their way into the larger community in 2019 by engaging Portland K-12 teachers in the creation of their own cards. The tool continues to be a resource for alumni, some who have the deck by their computers and draw a card to start their days as a daily grounding technique. The electronic adaptation was established in May 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic. Our goal is to provide this resource as a contemplative tool to strengthen our capacities for healing and wholeness in these times.

Watch three student testimonials on using Healing Cards below.

As a living prototype we are interested to know what you think about the Healing Cards. What do you like about it? What do you wish was different? How do you use the resource? Is the tool meaningful to you? If so, why? Email us at [email protected].


  • Countless Story Circles participants

  • Marwah Al-Jilani, Hunter Briggs, Isamar Chavez, Hevani Fifita, Elirissa Hui, Micknai Arefani, & Mackenzie Gipple, Integrated Learning for Social Change-Diversity & Cultural Engagement

  • Nicole Asato, Elena Ramirez, & Sergio Valenciano, Graphic Designers for Diversity & Cultural Engagement

  • Charlene Martinez, Student Experiences & Engagement, and Diversity & Cultural Engagement (2014-2018)

  • U.S. Department of Arts & Culture Organizing Team

Additional Information

The Healing Cards were inspired by a few resources that the Integrated Learning for Social Change (2015-2018) students and staff utilized in their work and personal lives. It is important to note that the project was not initially conceived of as Healing Cards first, rather, the cards were born out of the ideas shared by participants of Story Circles, along with elements from the following resources:

Special acknowledgements go to the countless students and staff who were courageous enough to become facilitators. They learned how to tell their story first and set the container for storytelling and vulnerability to be possible. They held events around campus and the local community which engaged participants (sometimes strangers) in authentic sharing. Each story circle was special. It was a moment to hear someone else’s truth, and reflect about their own. After each story, participants were encouraged to sketch a drawing and write a word that reflected a value they wanted to remember or center. This process of this project’s formation remind me of the power that art and stories have on personal and collective healing.

Cards can be played in any way in which you are called to engage with them. There are 26 cards in a deck. You can use the number generator above or download the full set.

  • Personal grounding - Begin your day by drawing a card from the deck. Use the card/word as a guide or intention throughout your day.
  • Two players (or more) - Each person draws 2 cards. Think about the relationship between the words or questions on the card. Have a dialogue about the meaning you are making about the connections between the cards.
  • Story circles (3-6 people) - Sit in a circle. Each participant draws one card and tells a story which comes to mind related to the word on the card. 
  • Co-create a deck with a community or group. Brainstorm: What brings you strength? What contributes to your well-being? How are you resilient in your everyday lives?

Healing Cards Download

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